International Services and Support

Motion Picture Lighting Pty Ltd provides and maintains State-of-the-art luminaires and custom lighting solutions with a wealth of experience, providing expert services to national and international productions

Our clients include the major US studios, as well as independent film and television companies, broadcasters, and production companies for feature film, television, music video and commercial industries.

Our extensive inventory includes LED, HMI, tungsten, helium balloons, underwater lighting, control desks, power distribution systems, cables, consumables and transport. All our set lighting is of the highest quality and we keep up with the latest technological developments to ensure that you benefit from the equipment you need.

Our well-equipped lighting inventories at our facilities includes sound attenuated generators, and we carry all widely-used equipment including Kino Flo, Mole Richardson, ETC, the full line of ARRI HMI, Incandescent and LED fixtures, Avenger Grip Equipment, Indu Electric, K5600 to name a few.

Our priority is ensuring that every client gets exactly what they need for a successful production.